Wednesday, 1 May 2013

READING: Innocent Traitor - Alison Weir

When did I become so old?!! 

Last weekend I was RAMBLING in Hastings and this week i've been unable to put what is essentially a History book down. It'll be Gin and Tonics with my slippers on in front of the fire before I know it. I often wondered when people 'got old'. You know that time when they stop wearing trainers and heels and instead buy shoes from the back of the Sunday paper and all their clothes, miraculously turn various shades of brown. Well I can see it happening to me.. WTH?! Next weekend i'm out on the razz come hell or high water. I will not go down without a fight.

Anyway back to the subject in hand (I also lose my chain of thought really easily, another sure sign pf age). Innocent Traitor is the true story of the Great niece of Henry VIII. Since reading this I have set my Virgin Tivo box to record the TV series The Tudors, testament to not only how old i'm getting and how quickly it's happening, but also to how bladdy great the book was! I hated History at school and remember absolutely nothing from it. But am now fully immersing myself in it. Deary me... *flicks to back of sunday paper* May as well embrace it.

Lady Jane Grey was dealt the most unfortunate hand and suffered greatly at the hands of her social climbing parents. 

A historically factual work of fiction. I wasn't even aware that was possible until now, but i've learnt and i've enjoyed so 2 birds with one stone :-). Highly recommend it. Was reading another book at the same time and it doesn't even warrant a mention as this was hands down the better of the two. Even if you aren't that interested in history I think you'll enjoy it.

PR xx

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