Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sugar Free...

So I come to you 6 days into my 21 day 'no sweet things' and 'no shopping' challenge. I decided to do it as I approach a milestone birthday as a bit of a lifestyle overhaul and to remember to keep myself in check and as an attempt to reign in the constant splurging. The first few days I suffered a terrible constant headache as I am used to eating sweet things constantly. I'll just point out that amazingly I am a size 8 and have no weight, skin or any other health concerns...

However, I will usually wake up to a muffin, donut, pancakes with syrup, pastry or similar food that falls into the breakfast food category by the skin of it's teeth. I'll follow that with a caramel cappuccino from Starbucks (with 2 sugars) and will continue throughout the day happily eating whole packets of biscuits, 3-4 cakes, donuts, unlimited chocolate bars and cans of pepsi max (it says sugar free, but tastes the sweetest). I will then when home have dessert pretty much every night after dinner. Gu puds and Haagen Dazs being my favourite, but I don't discriminate and as long as there is no custard and it falls into the dessert category, i'm good to go. I must state that I am not proud of this and only realise how extreme it is when other people point out the contents of the dustbin under my desk, or ask for a biscuit only to be told that they're finished :-(. I pay no attention to the copious amounts of sweet foods I consume and am just answering the call of my sweet teeth.

I have made it through my first 6 days, which have included the weekend, which has been the hardest obstacle so far. I'm actually quite pleased with myself, as many people have actually bet money against me :-( but i'm determined to do it for myself more than anything else as I have been a slave to my sweet teeth for too long. I also reckon i'm saving loads by not stopping in M&S for their plum and cherry crumble (which has become my newbest friend since christmas). I'm gonna put the money I save in a jar and have a dessert binge when I get to that landmark birthday :-)

Will let you know how the 'no shopping' has been going another time.