Friday, 25 January 2013

BAKING: The Great Purple Alpha-Bake | E for Eton Mess Cheesecake

It has been months, pretty close to 6 since i've added to my alpha bake. I've been so very manically busy, that I haven't had time except the odd Brownie here and there, which I have to say have been delicious. Lorraine Pascal's Oreo brownies are AMAZING!! I also tried out my own recipe and added some Rose flavouring to a batch, which I LOVED!! Although it is an acquired taste.

Last weekend I had ladies night at a friends house volunteered my dessert services and made an Eton Mess Cheesecake - my own recipe and Caramel Shortbread, like we used to have at school.

Mini-me couldn't believe her luck when I let her loose with a rolling pin and pack of digestive biscuits, which formed the base of both my desserts once added to butter and left to cool.

The Caramel Shortcake was simple enough, condensed milk, butter and dark brown sugar brought to the boil and then poured over the chilled biscuit crumb. Put in the fridge and bish, bash, bosh, back to Primary school we went... Didn't get a chance to photograph them :-(

The Cheesecake, although the brain child of my overflowing brain was suprisingly just as simple. I used the basic unbaked Cheesecake recipe of whipped double cream with mascarpone cheese and icing sugar, to which I beated in broken up meringue and raspberries, I then folded in some more, spooned the biscuit into champagne glasses, spooned the cheesecake mixture on top and garnished with more broken meringue and raspberries. Sounds even more ridiculously easy now that i've written it down, but it was also ridiculously delicious.

It is testament to my absolute love of dessert that I am mastering this baking malarchy and taking the time to make things, although these recipes weren't exactly baking....

Maybe I should challenge myself to making actual food...? Hmmmmm....

Thursday, 24 January 2013

I'm baaaaack...

It's been a while since i've graced these pages and it hasn't been through lack of things to say, I wouldn't even say it was through a lack of motivation, let's call it laziness shall we, or the constant cloud blocking what could possibly be the silver lining, that is procrastination...

I even flaked on my Project 365 which is a shame as I was actually enjoying writing it and looking back on the days I managed to blog is quite cool.

Anyhoo... This week I signed up to a creative writing course, just because it's something I've wanted to do for a while and found one locally. I've decided to post my completed assignments to 'ze blog' as a way to get back into blogging.

So here's assignment one: Describe yourself in 100 words, including 20 facts. Imagine it to be the blurb at the back of your first novel

"Unique, creative and ever so slightly random, Leah Samuel, Lee, Lilly, Lea Lea or Mackton as she is known to her nearest and dearest is ruled by her constant need to satisfy her sweet tooth, her inability to remember anything and her penchant for purple pens.

Born and bred South of the river, failed personal trainer, procrastinator extraordinaire, accomplished though somewhat erratic designer, friend, daughter and shoe collector would all appear on her resume.

She dances like no-one is watching, is a bookworm that despises the Kindle, can hold a full conversation using 'Friends' quotes and her favourite colour is Teal."

I think that's me in a nutshell... More posts to follow as I progress through the class :-)

PR xx