Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Mummy Grudge... Part 2

It's a shame there is a part 2 to this post... Did I really expect change while I was at work?? Errr... Not really, but I also didn't expect to be writing a second behaviour related post so soon…

I have just had the worst car ride ever… The will power I have exerted is certainly worthy of some kind of humanitarian award, but that is not the issue here. So, everything was ok, until we left the nursery. Usually, we would go the shop opposite the nursery and get a magazine, milky bar buttons, fruit flakes or the like, which would be eaten in the car.

Today I explained in my best ‘bending down to her level, using super nanny style voice’ that we wouldn’t be going to the shop today as she had been exceptionally naughty this morning and that if she is as exceptionally good as she was naughty then there was the possibility that we could go to the shop tomorrow after nursery… Cue Dr Hyde, bursting forth from his clothes and jumping around Incredible Hulk style… I resisted the urge to throw her over my shoulder fireman style and leg it to the car, to save face in front of all the strangers, obliviously walking past. I once again donned the ‘bending down to her level, using super nanny style voice’ and explained that this behaviour would get her nowhere and is in fact lessening her chances of going to the shop tomorrow... To absolutely no avail… I ignored… She shouted… I ignored… She screamed… I ignored… She wailed… I walked away… She shouted “I want to hold your hand” while screaming, wailing and dragging her scooter behind her… EPIC!

I ignored (will power at seriously low levels), stayed 2 steps ahead of the wailing, screaming, scooter dragging Hyde style Hulk character pursuing me and pretended I didn’t notice the pitying looks of the Estate Agents and Bankers stepping out of my way. She was still shouting “I want to hold your hand” while holding my hand to cross the road, she continued to shout it, while holding my hand all the way through the car park to the car...

Cue continuation of tantrum, also known as Phase 2.
Me: “Please get in the car” Mini-me: “No”
So I walk to a point at the other side of the car where she can’t see me, but I can see her. I’m pretty sure at this point that she was still shouting “I want to hold your hand.” I ignore her, not sure how long passes, but it seemed like days. Eventually she said that she couldn’t get in the car, she seemed to be calming down so I lift her in and put her seat belt on.

Cue phase 3:
Mini-me “I want my chair up”
Me: “I can’t do it right now as we’re driving, you’ll have to wait until we stop” cue tears…
Gut wrenching ‘I just fell over and broke my leg style tears’ the kind of tears that make you stop what you’re doing and run to see what has happened… The kind of tears that are very distracting while trying to navigate a 4 lane roundabout in rush hour.
Me: (still donning my super nanny style 'all is calm' exterior while internally thinking WHY ME!!) “If you stop crying for a second and listen to me…”
Mini-me: “I can’t stop crying, you’re making me cry”
WOW! What do you say to this? From a 3 year old? Absolutely no idea. So, I said nothing… For the 10 minute journey that seemed like hours, I said nothing… To the “Mama, mama, mama” spoken in a hoarse voice through the never ending tears, I said nothing… To the screaming “I want my chair up”, I said nothing… Through the kicking of my dashboard, I said nothing…

And while I brushed her teeth, changed her clothes and put her to bed, I said nothing…

Let’s see what tomorrow holds… For now I shall drink wine and eat Haagen Dazs in blissful silence.

The Mummy Grudge

This is the first post I've written on the go, via my fabulous iPhone, so font, font colour, text alignment and all the other stuff that is usually so important to me will have to be overlooked... It is also the first post I've written about being a Mum, so 2 firsts in 1 post, but I digress....

Mini-me has turned into a mini-monster. There was no warning, and as she is 3 I figured I'd safely made it through the "tantrum phase" usually equated with 2 year olds. That is not the case. She has becoming a raging, shouting, screaming, foot stamping, hitting, body throwing, Incredible Hulk style maniac and I am at a total loss. I have been advised by seasoned mothers and her teachers at nursery to ignore, which is fine sometimes, but at 8.42 on a Tuesday morning when you're getting ready to go to work and have to drop her at nursery first and she starts raging because she doesn't want to brush her teeth... Ignoring is definitely not an option... As was the case this morning... She has become a character that I can only liken to Jekyll and Hyde, in the space of seconds she is enraged, over something that yesterday hadn't posed a problem. There is no rhyme or reason to it. But, worse still is my reaction...

It is fine if ignoring her is an option, I'll just leave her wherever she has become the incredible hulk type creature, until she calms down and comes and apologises. If, however I have to get her to behave in order to continue the course of my fabulously manic life, by the time she has come out the other side the roles have reversed.

I become what I can only describe as a sulky teenager, one who has been told they can't go out with their friends or has been grounded... For the next half hour I don't want to speak to her, I think of all the things I had considered buying for her and think about those shoes I was sacrificing in order to get them, the shoes become my priority... I decide to go out with friends at the weekend rather then suffer another trip to Gambado (would love to have an adult party there). I think of all the sacrifices I've made over the years and I am resentful.... And i feel so bad for thinking it... And it doesn't last and I never follow through, but I'm thinking it all the same :-(

Is this a normal reaction?? Please say Yes lol

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Friday, 16 April 2010

My 2nd Meme!! The Infinite Playlist...

Arrrggghhhhh… I was tagged by A Small Hand In Mine to create an infinite playlist... This was soooooo hard. It has literally taken me days to condense my infinite playlist and I still couldn’t get it down to 5, I love so many songs. I’ve had to change the rules ever so slightly. These are still my top songs, on the playlist of my life that I will listen to forever, but I have 7 (my lucky number). These are songs that are special to me for one reason or other... Songs, that no matter my mood or location I will always stop and listen to. Songs that I can’t help but to sing out loud, usually at the embarrassment of others (my voice is beyond terrible)… Songs that I hope my daughter will also love… Songs that make me happy… Ok, enough Rambling... Here is my infinite playlist, as it stood in April 2010…

Queen - Bohemain Rhapsody… This song is not linked to any one particular memory, just every karaoke session I have ever taken part in, including a very drunken one on a college trip to France. I can’t tell you when or why I started liking it, just that for as long as I can remember I have. I know every single word from the ‘scaramouches’ to the ‘bizmillahs’ that some confuse for ‘miss miller’ lol.

Memories - Beenie Man… The opening line “memories, don’t leave like people do, they’ll always remember you, whether things are good or bad, it’s just the memories that you have” absolutely love it, and it is so true. I have so many memories of amazing times and people that nothing or no-one (other then amnesia) can take away. It also reminds me of sneaking into over 18’s clubs at 15 and putting my bus pass in my shoe -lol

Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma…
I can directly relate this back to the World Cup credits of 1990 and the first classical song I ever really liked. It opened my mind and broadened my musical horizons and it still has me transfixed if I hear it now.

Alanis Morisette – Ironic… Pretty much sums my life up… Just a second too late for most things, wishing I had instant replay and wishing hindsight would go to hell… But just when you think it couldn’t get any worse something comes along to turn it all around. I always know it will, so my glass will remain half full ☺ “Life has a funny, funny way… Of helping you out… Helping you out…”

Lauryn Hill – ExFactor… Lauryn Hill at her best. This song will always take me back to bunking off college and sneaking into my cousin’s college where I met MrRamblings, the lyrics make me think of our first stint as a teenage couple and how far we’ve come since then… It also reminds me of how amazingly my cousin sings it and the chilblains goose pimples I get when I hear her.

Buju Banton – Untold Stories… This song was part of the soundtrack to my most amazing 2 months of summer spent in Jamaica in 1995, when I was 15. It was spent with my 2 older cousins and my aunt. It’s almost a coming of age story. 3 teenagers in Jamaica. Beaches, boys, parties, boys, sunshine, boys, bikini’s, boys… And a few more boys lol. It was an amazing summer of fun, frolics, breakups, makeups, tears and tantrums. And the 3 months afterward were spent writing letters that were never replied to… Lol

Bon Jovi – Always… The chorus of this song I dedicate to my mum. I know it’s a love song, but the chorus is beautiful and she deserves it…
“And I will love you, baby – Always… And I'll be there forever and a day – Always… I'll be there till the stars don't shine… Till the heavens burst and The words don't rhyme… And I know when I die, you'll be on my mind… And I'll love you – Always”

Random... I know... But that's just me, lol.

I would like to tag

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to create an infinite playlist :-)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

5-a-day 21 day challenge…

A few months ago I set and completed a 21 day challenge which was inspired by iamluca. I decided to curb my lavish dessert eating and was quite successful (will be doing a follow up post shortly).

As Summer approaches although it’s getting sunny and bright, my energy levels are buried somewhere. I believe they may still be wrapped in 5 layers of clothes under a duvet in front of the fan heater, but in order to coax them out I shall attempt to change the way I eat. I’ve realised that I probably eat 5 pieces of fruit over the course of the whole week, probably a little bit more veg as I tend to have it with dinner most of the time, but I know for a fact that I don’t eat fruit everyday and don’t come anywhere near to 5 a day. So I challenge myself, and anyone who’d like to join me to eat 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day. Actually easier then it sounds… I’ve also added 2-3 trips to the gym and more water (haven’t given it a quota, but more can’t be bad right? Lol) my energy levels are seriously sucking and I’ve had a cold for nearly 2 weeks.

So I started today…

I got this portion size information from the NHS website:
Small-sized fruit
One portion is two or more small fruit, for example two plums, two satsumas, two kiwi fruit, three apricots, six lychees, seven strawberries or 14 cherries.
Medium-sized fruit
One portion is one piece of fruit, such as one apple, banana, pear, orange, nectarine or sharon fruit.
Large fruit
One portion is half a grapefruit, one slice of papaya, one slice of melon (5cm slice), one large slice of pineapple or two slices of mango (5cm slices).
Dried fruit
A portion of dried fruit is around 30g. This is about one heaped tablespoon of raisins, currants or sultanas, one tablespoon of mixed fruit, two figs, three prunes or one handful of dried banana chips.

Breakfast was oatmeal and raisin cookies and half a punnet of grapes. Lunch was sushi and an apple. Dinner was fish, butterbeans, avocado. Snacks - strawberry, mango, melon fruit pot. Mango, pineapple, passionfruit smoothie. Glasses of water 4.

Not a bad start. I think all of that adds up to 5 or at least very close to.

And once the 21 days are up I hope the ‘habit’ is instilled and I keep it going….

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My first Meme...

I have never been tagged for anything before so must thank Julie over at The Sardine Tin.

It was harder then I thought, especially as I had to leave out 2 major features about myself, my fiendish love of dessert and my love of shoes (see how I snuck them in - lol). Here goes….

1. I am unapologetically scared of the dark, so much so that I leave either a lamp or the tv on when I go to sleep in case I wake up in the night. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up in a totally dark room (panic is setting in just thinking about it). I am trying not to pass this on to my daughter and encourage her to sleep with lights off.

2. I love old murder mysteries. Murder She Wrote, Poirot, Columbo, Miss Marple etc… There is something about the ‘innocence’ (if you can use that word in relation to murder) of the crimes that appeals to me. (doesn't make sense I know). A perfect rainy Saturday (pre mini-me) would be spent at home watching re-runs.

3. I am terrified of milk, it makes me cry. The smell of hot milk makes me gag. I have openly cried on a train whilst drinking a cappuccino that had formed a skin… I can’t have custard, porridge, rice pudding or any other milk type products, except for hot chocolate or a cappuccino made with soya milk from Starbucks, it is the only coffee shop I will go to.

4. I can’t touch cotton wool balls, they make my whole body recoil in horror, unless placed in the centre of my open palm. When mini-me was new born I could only use the pressed pads, which weren't ideal.

5. My ideal job would be Creative Director of an interior design magazine.

6. I was a gym instructor for 2 years from the age of 19. Men didn’t take me seriously, probably because I looked 14. I got bored really quickly and went back to college and then uni and qualified as a Graphic Designer.

7. I would happily walk around naked if I could own every single pair of shoes I ever wanted.

So now I have to tag other Bloggers.
The rules are as follows:

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