Monday, 25 July 2011

Brands In Your Bag... SS

Another chance for a sneak peak in someone else's bag...

My analysis: "Firstly this Lady must carry a pretty small bag as her content is tiny.
It suggests that she is a very no frills kind of person who doesn't have time for
frivolity and unnecessary extras.
Music, hygiene and organisation seem important to her as her diary, pen, iPod and antibacterial gel
are the only non-essentials she bothers to carry.
She has Hayfever and travels on public transport"

What do you make of this Lady from her bag contents...?

Friday, 22 July 2011

Brands In Your Bag... RR

Ever wanted to see what was in someone else's bag...? Here's your chance...

My analysis: "Stylish lady - Mulberry, Cartier, Bourjois, Menthol Marlboro's
Appearance is important - Quantity of make-up
Slightly quirky - Purple heart keyring
A little unorganised - Absence of make-up bag"

Care to guess at the character of this lady from the contents of her handbag?
Age? Job? Starsign?

Do you know which logo belongs to which item?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Brands In Your Bag...

Yesterday I began reading "Logo Design Love" by David Airey and was so inspired by the first page where he wrote about how many logo's he'd seen in the first 30 minutes of his day that I took a quick look at my desk and noted that there were about 15. From my box of Twinings teabags to my Apple Mac desktop.

It sparked an idea and I posted this to my Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger...

"Wanna be part of my Brands in your Bag blog post? Empty ur bag, take a pic of the logos/brands inside send to me & I'll post to my blog"

I had no idea so many people would be interested... I even had a couple of guys... This morning I have had people asking if i'm still doing it, as they wanted to add their pics.

So i'm starting with mine and will continue adding the others daily until they stop coming. With either Twitter/Facebook link to who it belongs to or 'anon' if they don't wish to be identified.

I knew my bag was always quite heavy, but didn't realise I had so much in it... And this wasn't even everything!

I had 28 brands in total, 29 if you include my Blackberry that I was using to take the pics.

So what do the contents of bag say about me? This is my take...

"A stylish person - Mulberry, Elizabeth Arden, Paperchase, Stylist, Apple
Has a great concern for personal hygiene and her nails - Impulse, Bodyshop, Dettol, Rimmel, No7
Has an unhealthy fixation on purple pens - Uni-Ball, Pilot, Parker
Likes to eat - Busaba, Walkers, Sainsburys Taste the Difference, Cadbury
Keeps her lips moisturised - Rose&Co, Vaseline
Drives - VW, DVLA"

Obviously pretty accurate as i'm writing about myself, but what's your take?