Tuesday, 13 September 2011

School Shoe Situation...

Blogging on the go again, but the trauma of this morning has been too much!

I can't be the first parent traumatised by the navy, black, grey colourless transition from nursery/every day clothes to school uniform... Can I?

I'm having a serious melt down over here!! I can't cope with the fact that from now until FOREVER (ok, not forever but she'll be at school for a long time) my unsuspecting 5 year old will be forced to enter the realms of the NAVY BLUE EVERYTHING against my better judgement...

Friends and family have grown tired of my endless questions and suggestions regarding shoe colour, coat colour and socks/tights colour, the only things not stipulated on the uniform list as having to be blue, grey, black.

Me: Purple kickers? They have Velcro...
Them: NO!!
Me: Shoes with flashing lights at the bottom...? They're black...
Them: NO!!
Me: Striped tights...? They have blue and grey stripes...
Them: NO!!
Me: Red Mary Janes...? They're very sensible...

You can guess what they said. And on and on it went... I was even told mini-me would be bullied as she would stand out from the other children in her brightly coloured shoes. What happened to being individual?!! I despair :'(

You may remember me having a similar breakdown a few years back regarding the "fairy throw up" that are Lelli Kelli's, I'd give my right arm for her to be able to wear them to school now. Actually maybe my left arm, I don't use it as much.

Why so dramatic I hear you wonder...? Because I am!! Lol. No that's not true I'm not usually quite so dramatic, passionate maybe, but this has pushed me over the edge, people around me are shocked, confused, nervous... I can see it in their eyes, the concern that there could be more to this, that my mental health may actually be questionable right now. That they may have to call for back-up... LMAO!!

Ok, Ok, the drama got the best of me.

The long and short of it is this, I like colour, I think children should be dressed colourfully. They have the rest of their working, office lives to be dressed in black, blue, grey... Why start at 5?!!!!

*sobs uncontrollably*