Sunday, 11 April 2010

My first Meme...

I have never been tagged for anything before so must thank Julie over at The Sardine Tin.

It was harder then I thought, especially as I had to leave out 2 major features about myself, my fiendish love of dessert and my love of shoes (see how I snuck them in - lol). Here goes….

1. I am unapologetically scared of the dark, so much so that I leave either a lamp or the tv on when I go to sleep in case I wake up in the night. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up in a totally dark room (panic is setting in just thinking about it). I am trying not to pass this on to my daughter and encourage her to sleep with lights off.

2. I love old murder mysteries. Murder She Wrote, Poirot, Columbo, Miss Marple etc… There is something about the ‘innocence’ (if you can use that word in relation to murder) of the crimes that appeals to me. (doesn't make sense I know). A perfect rainy Saturday (pre mini-me) would be spent at home watching re-runs.

3. I am terrified of milk, it makes me cry. The smell of hot milk makes me gag. I have openly cried on a train whilst drinking a cappuccino that had formed a skin… I can’t have custard, porridge, rice pudding or any other milk type products, except for hot chocolate or a cappuccino made with soya milk from Starbucks, it is the only coffee shop I will go to.

4. I can’t touch cotton wool balls, they make my whole body recoil in horror, unless placed in the centre of my open palm. When mini-me was new born I could only use the pressed pads, which weren't ideal.

5. My ideal job would be Creative Director of an interior design magazine.

6. I was a gym instructor for 2 years from the age of 19. Men didn’t take me seriously, probably because I looked 14. I got bored really quickly and went back to college and then uni and qualified as a Graphic Designer.

7. I would happily walk around naked if I could own every single pair of shoes I ever wanted.

So now I have to tag other Bloggers.
The rules are as follows:

1) Copy the award to your blog
2) Insert a link to the person who nominated you (see intro, above)
3) Share 7 things about yourself you haven't told us before - see above,

4) Tag 7 other bloggers (I only have 5 as all the others I wanted to tag are seasoned bloggers and have done this already)

5) Link to their blogs

6) Tell them they have been nominated

I am tagging Tea with one sugar please A Small Hand In Mine Mummy from the heart Random London Girl Kevin


  1. Thanks for the tag - let me see what I can come up with x PS why cotton wool and milk??? Childhood trauma?

  2. Wow, I didn't realise this was your first meme - thank you for taking part - in some ways I am even more intrigued now. It seems we share a love of murder mysteries, as well as shoes!

  3. Ooh some great confessions here! I would love to know the patterns of thinking behind your phobias - I wonder where they came from?

    I LOVE the dark. I walk round in it at night as much as I can, love feeling my way by instinct and touch. Have been known to scare the bejeesus out of my husband too!!

  4. @ Teawithonesugar - I think I can link the milk trauma back to having to eat hot cereal and porridge as a child and drinking slightly warm/creamy milk in primary school. I avoid it like the plague now, although when I was pregnant I couldn't get enough of it. Cotton wool... I have no idea.

    @JuileB - Thanks for the nomination it was fun. I have also been tagged for an infinite playlist, so now have 2 under my belt (as soon as I get round to doing it) :-)

    @Josie - Your poor husband... I am terrified. I just imagine that there could be things happening infront of me that I can't see... Maybe sneaking in to watch too many horror films as a child

  5. lol, good list. Ohh rice pudding - you are missing out! One of my favourites. Thanks for the tag, I have been off on hols, so I will have a think and get to this definately. Mich x


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