Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Mummy Grudge

This is the first post I've written on the go, via my fabulous iPhone, so font, font colour, text alignment and all the other stuff that is usually so important to me will have to be overlooked... It is also the first post I've written about being a Mum, so 2 firsts in 1 post, but I digress....

Mini-me has turned into a mini-monster. There was no warning, and as she is 3 I figured I'd safely made it through the "tantrum phase" usually equated with 2 year olds. That is not the case. She has becoming a raging, shouting, screaming, foot stamping, hitting, body throwing, Incredible Hulk style maniac and I am at a total loss. I have been advised by seasoned mothers and her teachers at nursery to ignore, which is fine sometimes, but at 8.42 on a Tuesday morning when you're getting ready to go to work and have to drop her at nursery first and she starts raging because she doesn't want to brush her teeth... Ignoring is definitely not an option... As was the case this morning... She has become a character that I can only liken to Jekyll and Hyde, in the space of seconds she is enraged, over something that yesterday hadn't posed a problem. There is no rhyme or reason to it. But, worse still is my reaction...

It is fine if ignoring her is an option, I'll just leave her wherever she has become the incredible hulk type creature, until she calms down and comes and apologises. If, however I have to get her to behave in order to continue the course of my fabulously manic life, by the time she has come out the other side the roles have reversed.

I become what I can only describe as a sulky teenager, one who has been told they can't go out with their friends or has been grounded... For the next half hour I don't want to speak to her, I think of all the things I had considered buying for her and think about those shoes I was sacrificing in order to get them, the shoes become my priority... I decide to go out with friends at the weekend rather then suffer another trip to Gambado (would love to have an adult party there). I think of all the sacrifices I've made over the years and I am resentful.... And i feel so bad for thinking it... And it doesn't last and I never follow through, but I'm thinking it all the same :-(

Is this a normal reaction?? Please say Yes lol

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  1. Some things just have to happen on time don't they? Ignoring is all very well in theory, but not feasible when you actually have to be out the door in five minutes. I feel your pain. I think we can all end up feeling a bit resentful sometimes.

  2. Anonymous22:41

    To be honest i totally understand what your going through i'm facing so many similarities with my child and she is two. The plight of Motherhood we will look back and laugh one day.

  3. Anonymous12:15

    we all have terrible thoughts, but what differentiates us from a possible maniac is our actions. For the fact that she is still alive, I'd venture to say your actions are of a saint. That said, you have to stay true to your reprimand (those within the law) because I fear you might be setting a precedence that you do not wish to live with in the future. B.

  4. know, my youngest has just turned 18 and is about off for University, and I STILL recall those years...the twos were a breeze compared to the threes...and I found the "half years"...three and a half to be very precise...was the time when my patience was tried to its fullest...Obviously, patience did win out, (although I had my doubts at times) since both of mine are now grown...but there are days I do still wonder. Hang in, you will look back and laugh.


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