Friday, 26 March 2010

The Wishlist....

These are the things I would like my Fairy Godmother, Tooth Fairy, Genie type entity (otherwise known as MrRamblings or 'babe' according to mini-me) to "suprise" me with in order for this month to end well... In no particular order.

1. A fully grey short-hired domestic cat. Stripes or spots of any size or colour will not be tolerated. I had a fully grey cat called Jasper, that was my baby before the baby came along. Sadly he was put to sleep last year... And I want a new one. I would buy him a teal collar and he would be the most pampered house cat ever. 2. Swarovski black crystal ring. Needs no explanation. It's a nice ring and I want it. The end. 3. Irregular Choice 'Driving Bananas' shoes. I drive. Don't really like banana's, but I do like banana flavoured things. And I realised this weekend when my feet and legs quit working for me in an act of rebellion against the constant high shoe wearing that the only flat shoes I own are Converse or Ugg boots. As good a reason as any other that I could think of, other then... Because I want them.

4. Nissan Figaro. I lurve, lurve, lurve and want, want, want this car. I can see myself driving through the countryside, top down with a scarf tied round my head, floating in the wind Isadora Duncan style, obviously without the death by strangulation part. I would cover the seats with Liberty print fabric. And spray the body metallic teal. I promise I would service it every 6 months and never drive above 30mph, unless on the motorway or really empty roads with no cameras at night, I would never have road rage, so would never have to bang uncontrollably on the horn and therefore could instill a 'no swearing in the car rule' to preserve the quirky, retro car style ambience. Unless of course there was the absolute need to occasionally shout 'duck'.

5. Red & Pink bike with basket. I am usually the anti-pink and pink and red would usually set 'fashion faux pas' alarm bells ringing... Until this bike. Some how it works. I can picture myself in denim capri pants with my driving bananas shoes on (see above) zipping through Hyde or Richmond park with mini-me in tow, tooting our horns with fresh cut flowers in our baskets (what the hell era am I living in? Pollyanna eat your heart out).
6. Irregular Choice 'So Hot Right Now' shoes. I know I mentioned previously that I was slightly lacking in the sensible, flat, style footwear region. But. I. Don't. Actually. Think. I. Can. Go. On. Without. These. Shoes. In. My. Life. That is all.

Ok, so maybe expecting them all this month is a bit much, but i'm sure 4 out of 6 isn't too much to ask for... Is it?? And anyway the saying goes 'If you don't ask, you don't get' :-)


  1. Ah my best friend has the figaro in mint green - its such a lovely car to drive about in town in. J'ardore it too and I would had I not got up the duff with twins! One day it shall be mine when I can do solo jaunts again sans enfants x

  2. I am waiting for mini-me to be out of her car seat and I shall trade in my Golf ;-)

  3. Anonymous14:51

    good luck! aim high that's what i say!

  4. Oooh, love the shoes - both pairs. Fab. Also the bike, v stylish, you are right, the pink and red somehow work

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies ;-)

  6. Love that list! May just borrow the idea for a post of Wanties when Chez MD is fully germ free and I am allowed interruption free access to t'internet.

    Thanks for the follow, have added myself to your followers. Purple is the Alpha Male's favourite colour so I'm sure I'll like coming to visit your blog.

    MD xx

    ps LOVE that ring. Think its one my Wantie list too....

  7. Ratchet00:47

    Love the list and it is very true you never get unless you ask! I will buy you all of them as long as I can borrow your car and bike and sometimes where your ring! ;) I would borrow the shoes but we are not the same size :(
    I love the cards keep up the good work Lee xx

  8. Anonymous17:22

    Hey i work at irregular choice and bought the so hot right now's in a 40 but fits a 6 if this is your size then im selling my pair. ive never worn them i just loved them so i bought them. as these shoes are from a previous season there very hard to get now. if this is your size get in touch


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