Friday, 22 July 2011

Brands In Your Bag... RR

Ever wanted to see what was in someone else's bag...? Here's your chance...

My analysis: "Stylish lady - Mulberry, Cartier, Bourjois, Menthol Marlboro's
Appearance is important - Quantity of make-up
Slightly quirky - Purple heart keyring
A little unorganised - Absence of make-up bag"

Care to guess at the character of this lady from the contents of her handbag?
Age? Job? Starsign?

Do you know which logo belongs to which item?


  1. Anonymous16:48

    I THINK THIS GIRL MUST BE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.... I bet she uses the 'Optrex' to revitalize her glowing eyes...The Rimmel Nail Polish to compliment her gorgeous soft elegant hands...MAC makeup is clearly an accessory, as i doubt this girl has any blemishes, Mulberry means she is business orientated, A Gold Cartier watch... must be sophisticated, and probably complimented her outfit that day. Elizabeth Arden obviously for her kissable lips!! I think she is the type of girl I WOULD DIE TO BE WITH!

  2. Anonymous13:38

    I think the amount of cosmetics could mean that it's important for her to maintain a smart, polished appearance - maybe relating to her job. Either that or she's a very outgoing person and after work she's always socialising. The cigarettes could indicate just how stressful her job is and something tells me that her blackberry isn't just used for the free BBM feature.


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