Monday, 27 September 2010

What is the reason!?

I write this post with tears in my eyes, as for the second time in as many months I am consoling someone close to me who has lost a baby.

It is said that "everything happens for a reason" and to some extent I am sure this is true. Then there are things that have no rhyme or reason and to me this is one of them.

The universe has got it wrong yet again, I am heartbroken, lost for words and more then anything else I am confused and angry. I cannot even begin to imagine how they must be feeling.

I know there are no words that will take the pain away and they say "time is a great healer" but I just want you to know i am here should you need me morning, noon or night with a listening air, hugs, silence or laughter and cupcakes & wine of course.

To anyone out there who has ever lost a baby my thoughts are with you


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  1. Mrs V22:37

    Thank you very much *bbm hug* been there so many times and its absolutely terrible, there are no words that can comfort me for my losses but looking back I believe my loved ones said and done all the right things, time is an amazing healer but you never realise this until the time has elapsed. Sad but comforting read xxx

  2. Sending lots of hugs.

    I have been surrounded by loss, heartbreak and love this past year.

    I don't know if this will help but here are two poems/posts I wrote when my sister lost her baby in week 36.

  3. Anonymous20:26

    I am with you on this. I try never forget how lucky i have been to have my two boys, and how unfair the whole thing can be. Thoughtful post.



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