Thursday, 7 February 2013


Assignment 2: Describe a scene

I was given the Airport...

Bumping, bustling, tears and goodbyes
Queuing, shopping, lounging and sighs
Heels on laminate
Flooring scuffed
Wheels over toes
Apologies rebuffed
Screens not updating, never ending waiting
Croissants and coffee
Stomach anticipating
Flights boarding, passengers missing
Music playing, no-one listening. 

Grandparents ambling
Presents in tow
Suit trousers, perfume, hats, gloves and coats
Early arrivals
Nowhere to go
Duty free beckons, more presents perhaps?
Tea, Scones and Papers. Much rather relax. 

Tannoy announcements
Again and again
Names go unheard
Panic sets in
10 minutes to make it
It’s pretty absurd
Attendants with clipboards
Awaiting the word 

Guy in the corner
Checking the time
Hours left waiting
Hours in line
Wrappers discarded
Trainers untied
Sleeping bag laid out
Battery died 

Stainless steel seating
Rigid, Hard, Cold
No comfort, not for long stay
No pleasure to behold
Apprehension on faces
Will they make it in time?
Last passengers to board
One more look down the line 

Groups of girls shouting
Midriffs exposed
Flip-flops and sun hats
Already not cold
Fragrances mingling
Shampoo, perfume, smoke
Biscuit on the periphery creating skin of gold 

Children cause obstacles
Randomly paced
Oblivious to the day 

Hopefully you got the feeling of a busy airport from my poem. Not really sure why it was a poem, I started writing and it  just turned out that way.

Hope you enjoyed it.

PR xx

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