Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The phone that killed the conversation...

*sings* "Blackberry killed the telephone call, Blackberry killed the telephone call..."

I know you can all probably relate to this on some level. Whether it be that your teenager is constantly bbm'ing (instant messages via blackberry messenger) their friends and only communicates with you via grunts. Or your partner is constantly bbm'ing and checking emails on date night. Or at drinks with friends they are bbm'ing their partners telling them their every move. My point is that not only are these phones highly anti-social. They are single handedly killing the art of the conversation (obviously I’m not blaming only blackberry).

Not only are people constantly messaging whilst in the company of others, no one actually picks up the phone and has a conversation anymore. The back and forthing of blackberry messages, facebook messages, email, twitter etc… which ultimately take longer are preferred to actually picking up the phone and having what could sometimes be a quick 3 minute conversation.

Now don't get me wrong, those of you that know me outside the cyber world know I am an avid tweeter, bb'er and emailer. I'm just making an observation and the observation is... NO ONE CALLS ME ANYMORE! I miss telephone calls and sitting in restaurants having conversations rather then constantly checking my phone, or waiting for the person i'm dining with to finish their bb conversation.

Where I once would've picked up the phone and called friends to see how they were doing I now message them... How impersonal is that? If I really cared wouldn't I call? It is terrible social etiquette that I have fallen victim to and I shall be doing my best from now on to rectify it. As of 02/02/11 i'm heading back to the days of Yore, where people spoke to each other. Where you didn't spend more time checking your phone then engaging with the person you were out with and where you spoke to the people you cared about. If you don't hear from me, you know what time it is... Lol

Who's with me??

It's good to talk

PR xx


  1. This is why H's BB goes into my purse the second we sit down at a restaurant. And why he stops meetings midsentence to ask very junior analysts if there is something truly urgent in the world other than what he has to say. Agree!

  2. So agree! I was even so shocked the other day to receive something through my actual real letterbox with handwriting on the outside - and inside too! I love little personal notes, and telephone calls, and make a point of calling pals for a chat when driving to and from work, as I then can't text, tweet or message!


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