Thursday, 5 January 2012

PurpleRamblings Project 365

Happy New Year!!

I'm late I know, but i've been busy...

I should've written this post 5 days ago when I started my Project 365, but I didn't so sue me... :-p

A friend of mine sold me on the idea. 

She completed her Project 365 for 2011 and throughout the course of this year I have taken great pleasure in following her ups and downs through a series of images, photographs and quotes. 

So decided to give it a go. I started mine on 1st Jan and hope that at least one person will find it as interesting as I found hers.

There is a link to the right handside of this blog or the url if you want to follow is

This blog will continue as it always has being updated as and when I am grabbed by the urge to blog.

PurpleRamblings Project 365 will be updated daily :-)

PR xx

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