Friday, 12 November 2010

Teya-Lilly Greeting card sneak peak

Not sure if I mentioned that I was embarking on a new project, that was taking up all my time, money and sleep… Post has gone unopened (to be fair that’s nothing new), emails unanswered, phone calls unreturned and most worryingly Haagen Dazs not being eaten!! Well it is very close to completion and here is a sneak peak…

I actually feel physically sick, light-head, extremely apprehensive and nervous about posting this, but here it is out in the real world and no longer knocking around in my otherwise full head, well a little bit of it anyway…

I present to you… TeyaLilly greeting cards!!

Hope you like it and are now as excited for the final products as I am xx

w: (coming soon...)



  1. Niah07:21

    Looking Good!!! Really excited, can't wait!!!

  2. GOOD LUCK with your project. I am loving these cards from what I can see so far - absolutely adorable they will go far!! xx


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