Monday, 13 December 2010

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So... My week of networking events, markets and fairs has come to an end. And, as is the way with my fabulously random life I ended it in a&e. Oh yes, my tiring, but worthwhile week of hauling my cards to event after event, talking to, selling to and even on occasion buying from people ended with me in accident & emergency doubled over in pain and being likened to the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Are you suprised? No. Me neither.

On Monday on my way to the first and furthest event my cute little wheelie suitcase BROKE! BROKE! Before I even made it to the train station, which resulted in me carrying a suitcase full of cards up and down stairs at train and tube stations and the 15-20 minute walk from station to venue either side. My poor underused biceps have been in a state of shock ever since.

By Friday and the school fair, I was a professional display table setter upper and could carry all my display tools, cards and phone in one hand. The FREE promo bookmarks went down a treat with the kids and it really made me smile when a little boy came and bought a card =)

On Saturday at the gift fair I was set up and reading a book 20 minutes before it even opened. Although not many people came to this event, everyone that did bought a card =)

And on Sunday, even though I was hunchback-like and it was outside in the cold I was still ready before all the other traders. Get me. But after being up half the night and not being able to stand up straight I had to give in to my knackered body, call in help to man the stall and seek help from the emergency services. They scared me with words like 'hernia' and 'appendicitis' but it turned out it was neither and I was sent home after 4 hours with the greatest painkillers ever and some antibiotics. My poor body couldn't cope with the manual labour I put it through and shut down in protest.

The cards have been well received and the feedback has been amazing. I'm really excited for next year as I have new characters coming and so many ideas for other products i'd like to add to the range. And the prospect of seeing my cards in shops. Whoop whoop!!

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