Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ish-Shoes... My favourites of the moment

I was tagged, exactly a month ago *hides face in shame at time it's taken to respond* by the lovely teawithonesugar to share 7 pairs of my favourite shoes. Almost as hard as choosing my favourite songs, which I agonised over for days, but i've narrowed it down to my favourite shoes of the moment... Still not easy, but easier-ish. Lol

I don't think there's any order as such, and I was being really lazy, so some are photos I actually took on my trusty BB (picture quality, sadly better then my iphone) and others are images i've stolen off the internet :-/

So here goes....

Winter Boots by Kickers..

No-one believes these are Kickers, I guess they're not really in the style you expect from them. I have only very recently put these back in the cupboard, quite upsetting considering it's mid-June. I love them, have had them for about 5 years and always get asked where they're from... I love them even more because they are the only pair in this colourway, I know this because I painstakingly dyed them with a bottle of brown dye and an old toothbrush. They were totally beige before and for some reason seemed to glow in the dark... Lol

Military Boots by River Island
These boots have replaced the ones above, and are perfect in this bi-polar spring/summer/not-sure what's going on weather. Fine for not so warm days, fine for rainy days, fine with jeans or with a dress and I know they'll be my festival staple (I must be the only person that doesn't own wellies)...

Peep-toes by H&M
I initially bought the leopard print ones for my trip to Dubai last month. They were so comfy and versatile (can be worn with or without tights, and to work or to the park) that when I came back I bought them in all the colours available. They probably won't last me 5 years like my boots above, but at £8 I can't really complain and they'll do fine for the "summer"...

Rifts by Nike
These are my "weekend" trainer, going to the park, anytime, lazing about, converse, but not actually converse type trainer. You've probably noticed a trend in me buying the same shoe in various colours, one more below - lol. When I first got these I was ridiculed (it was 1999) but now everyone is wearing them. They are so easy comfy and can be chucked in the washing machine. The socks are an absolute nightmare though and I do not recommend them...

Ballerina style shoe by Office
I initially bought the red ones, when I was at University, they were really expensive at the time £45 and I remember having my last £50 and having to have those shoes (I think a phonebill was neglected that month). I remember going back for the black ones a few months later at the expensive of some other boring utility - lol...

Blue patent brogues by ASOS
I bought these last year in the ASOS sale for £12 and I love them. I have been told "they are very you, but I couldn't get away with them" I absolutely love them and people are constantly staring at my feet when I wear them. Especially as I tend to roll my trousers up, just to make sure they are displayed to their full...

Abigail by Irregular Choice
These shoes I fell in love with at first sight. Shoes that must be worn with a skirt or rolled up trousers, so as not to dull the shine. I have also been told of these "I couldn't wear them, but they suit you"... Beginning to wonder what that actually means, I hear it quite a lot. I had to show the soles as well, as I think they are fabulous :-) I have noticed that this is the only pair of heels, this is by no means a reflection of my collection as I have loads. Even though at 5ft 9" I don't really need to be an taller...

I'm a bit of a wall flower really, could think of nothing worse then being centre of attention, but love for my shoes to be centre stage :-)


  1. wow only just seen these. Some fab shoes. Mich x

  2. Anonymous22:36

    I have the Abigail by Irregular Choice but in red, I LOVE them but I have no idea what to wear with them...any ideas? Would be very greatful for any help, they're still in the box :(

  3. Hi "anonymous" I tend to wear them with simple things so as not to steal their spotlight. Dark blue denim and a white top are my fav combo or a navy blue dress. Hope I helped ;-)


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