Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Diagnosis... Whatever!!


After just over a year of seeing a consultant for my "chronic pins and needles" today I was finally given a diagnosis... One that I had googled months ago!! Great!! Thanks!! Could of done that myself...

The symptoms started on my return from India and I immediately thought DVT *panic, panic, panic* went to the surgery and was given the all clear, but referred to a "specialist" who turned out not to be so special after all....

I googled my symptoms and scary things like; brain tumour, multiple sclerosis, HIV and the like came up *cue hyperventilation, no paper bags in sight* but upon further investigation *once I'd come round from the concussion* I realised I displayed none of the other symptoms *phew*!! So I whittled them down to; a vitamin b deficiency and parasthesia *easily treatable and manageable* this was back in May/June 2009.

Since then I have had the following tests; 2 Ultrasound scans *no babies in sight, phew*, MRI scan, chest x-ray, electrode test (this basically consisted of me being electrocuted repeatedly) nerve test (me being pricked with pins and my limbs being banged with a mallet), copious blood tests (I have literally given gallons of blood there could easily be clone walking around). And I have spent hour upon hour at the hospital and what seems like hundreds of pounds in ticket machines for a diagnosis I discovered months ago!!! Hoo-frickin-ray!!

I have been prescribed pills for depression, which somehow seem inappropriate as I'm actually not depressed or even remotely unhappy!!! I was assured they would alleviate my symptoms, at the risk of side effects I'm sure, but this wasn't even mentioned... I think I'll just go and get some accupuncture thanks!!


  1. I hate tests and hospitals and all that pin sticking and blood stealing they (it always seems like way more than they could need for just a little test - what do they do with all the extra)

    Hope your pins and needles go away soon.

  2. Just had an amazing hour of accupuncture. I think a few more sessions will have it sorted :-)

  3. I hope you get better soon - what a knightmare you had to go through - the internet can throw some scary things at you. Stay sane


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