Monday, 22 February 2010

I was doing so well :-(


Last week was interesting… I approached it with my new found respect for sweet things and with the intention of no longer over indulging and behaving like a crazed addict. And I was doing so well.... Until Friday. Let me give you a run down of the week...

Sunday - So Sunday was the first day. The reunion
. The day that really should have been the blow out, where I went crazy and overindulged until I felt sick… but I didn’t. I fought the urge and I won. I received 15 mini rose and salted caramel flavoured cupcakes for Valentine’s Day from my absolute favourite bakery Crumbs and Doilies (so much better than Hummingbird) and ate only 6 (which probably constituted 2 full cupcakes). I did have my glorious, glorious Victoria sponge, but in terms of ‘blowing out’ I feel I was very restrained and adult about it.

Monday – I ate the remainder of my mini cupcake
s. I went to dinner with friends and didn’t have dessert… Other then the past 3 weeks this is a first for me. I have even been known to have dessert before the main course or in place of the main course after a starter if I’m not feeling particularly hungry.

Tuesday - 1st day back in the office, break
fast was yoghurt and a granola bar, the people in Starbucks remain confused as to my neglect I’m sure they think their constant chitchat has forced me over to the dark side that is Café Nero. I ate a lot of fruit throughout the day and drank copious amounts of water, even resorting to eating a whole pack of softmints, not really sure why, but at the time it was satisfactory and of course there’s never anything wrong with minty fresh breath.
Wednesday – Back in the office, same boring breakfast with the addition of a smoothie which was quite nice, but still no pastries or donuts, it’s actually harder to avoid them now that I can have them, but in my quest to be somewhat normal I am avoiding falling back into old habits for as long as I possibly can… I had a Gu hot chocolate soufflé when I got home, which was very delicious, but not as satisfying as I
expected it to be ☹

Thursday – My last day in the office for the week, croissant for breakfast… I can feel myself slipping, but it’s only a small slip. The orange and apple I bring in my bag make it back home with me as I have McD’s and a Banoffee pie from Eat – oh good gosh it was amazing!! I think I have lost the taste for chocolate, I have no desire to buy it when
in shops and actually do not miss it that much…
Friday - The day it all went wrong!! Started the day with only a cup of tea in order to run mini-me to nursery and come back home to work… But realised when I was out I had errands to run, which took me past the bakery and th
e cake stall; the devil was out in full force!!! Decided I could treat myself as I’d been so good, and bought a pecan pie from the bakery, but then had to walk past the cake stall where they had almond tarts, which I thought I’d get and save til Saturday, but then the stupid man serving asked if I ‘wanted anything else’ as if he couldn’t see me drooling in the direction of the cupcakes… So I had a cupcake too and figured I’d eat it on Sunday. But of course I went home and ate all of them!! How very ridiculous and uncontrolled was that!! Total friggin relapse!!

So I have set new parameters to my new, behaving like a normal person in regard to dessertness and will only eat dessert when I go out to dinner (I guarantee I’ll find a way to eat out every night of the week) and at the weekend (which will probably constitute breakfast, lunch and dinner).
For lent I am giving up all sweets, except mints and bread... So far this week i’ve been the picture of perfect restraint and normalness… But it is only Monday…


  1. Oh dear the evil bakery, cake stall had you by the throat. You did so well, you're entitled to a pig out.

  2. Sounds like you are doing amazingly well to me.


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