Friday, 12 February 2010

Cold Turkey....

Many people have mentioned in jest, that the dramatic way in which I have deserted dessert from my diet is tantamount to going "cold turkey". Hmmmmm..... When I think about it I have had headaches, been freezing (even when inside with the heating on) and have had a cold / sore throat / bad chest / runny nose since day 4, and all the Echinacea and Berocca in the world isn't shifting it.... So I decided to look into this "cold turkey"

The wikipedia definition says "cold turkey" is an expression describing the actions of a person who gives up a habit or addiction all at once... Its supposed advantage is that by not actively using supplemental methods, the person avoids thinking about the habit and its temptation, and avoids further feeding the addiction... The supposed disadvantages are... Unbearable withdrawal symptoms from the total absence, which may cause tremendous stress on the heart and blood vessels and — in a worst case scenario — possible stroke or heart failure..."

Ok, so i'm obviously not going to have a stroke, and although very traumatic the lack of dessert style sweet foods to my body will not cause tremendous stress on my heart, or blood vessels or any other such extreme reaction. However, I did research further and among symptoms listed on various websites I found the following which are definitely attributes that I can relate to...

Headache - The first few days I had the worst headaches ever, constant, pulsating, painkiller defeating. My beau was beating me about the head for deserting 'him'.
Loss of appetite - Not loss of appetite as such, but I am decidedly lost as to what to eat at most meals as I am spending most of the time thinking about 'him' and the fabulous meals we used to share.
Insomnia, sleeping difficulty - No sleeping difficulty, but a change in sleeping pattern. I have been sleeping earlier, in order to avoid the late nights when we would frolic. Evenings were our quiet time; while I worked late to meet deadlines my sweet, sweet beau, was usually my nocturnal companion
Paleness - I did have a conversation with my mother that went something along the lines of... Her: Have you got something on your face? Me: No. Her: You look grey, maybe you should wear some makeup... I guess that could be classed as a certain kind of paleness...
A state of confusion and hallucinations (visual) - This definitely happened to me on more then one occasion in Asda when I had to walk past him on the shelves. I have also been slightly more random and off centre then usual, but this could also be put down to age…
Agitation - I am having extreme difficulty concentrating and have been quite short with people (more so than usual) as he is not here to soothe or calm me.

So I guess I’ve gone dessert "cold turkey" could I go in the Guinness book of records with the first known case??

On the plus side:
I have been eating more fruit - i'm sure i'm hitting my 5-a-day or more and will be healthier for it... Who cares!! Fruit is a lame, substandard barely even sweet replacement; it also makes me pee a lot!
I have been told my skin looks clearer - yea so what!! Clearasil is a remarkable product that I enjoy buying and Boots appreciate me buying it!
I have been going to the gym more - mainly to relieve the agitation (see cold turkey above) and constant need to look in Asda, Waitrose, M&S magazine's and trawl through website upon website drooling over desserts and restaurant menus'.
I have taken Berocca daily - sometimes twice a day in as little water as possible, because it is sweet and delicious and is a vitamin that will prevent me from getting scurvy...

But the end is nigh... The morning of Sunday 14th February 2010 will be one of the happiest mornings of my year so far. I am beside myself with the sweet, delicious anticipation. I have the most amazing day planned. And, no, it is not because it’s Valentine's Day!! I shall be spending it alone, reacquainting myself with 'him'.

It will be the morning of the end, but also the morning of a new beginning, with my bestest, most beloved friend, who I will love and appreciate so much more when he is once again by my side...


  1. Only a few more hours to Valentines day - will you be tucking into dessert after midnight?

  2. I am waiting until exactly 12.01... ;-)


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